A woman spins around in the air holding with one arm onto a rope attached to the ceiling. She moves back and forth like a pendulum while telling a story. “Dance is a place in the world. And the world is a place in the universe.”

Her movements are brisk and graceful. Even though she is in the air, it doesn’t seem like she is flying. She looks more like a dolphin or a seal jumping out of the water and then falling back into it again. Swift and strong and graceful. Watching her makes me feel liberated and jealous at the same time. Liberated because I see her moving with such easiness in ways I had never imagined before. And jealous because I think I will never be able to move like she does and experience what it feels.


Age Surfer’s Symphony explores the body language and physical mobility of different age groups by means of dance. The cast includes a girl (Sophie Mac Gregor), three young women (Christina Zauner, Sarah Merler, and Yusimi Moya Rodriguez – all of them professional dancers) and an older woman (Martina Varga). Their working question, taken from Satchel Paige, is: “How old would you be if you wouldn’t know how old you are?”

While exploring childhood, the three female dancers play blind man’s buff and go hiding and chasing into the audience. They also bully each other and ride a scooter and roller skate around the stage. As they move along the ageing process, they put on party clothes and make-up and dance dubstep amid party lights. That is all very light and cheerful and funny.


What I missed was a more in depth physical exploration of older ages. There is a scene where the three young women approach the older one and examine her body with innocent curiosity and awe. They pull her clothes and play with her arms and boobs. They undress her and bite her and blow against her belly. Although the scene feels very authentic, it seems as if older age is approached from the outside. I would have liked to see a choreography constructed around the mobility and body language of older people. It is always nice to feel younger than one is, but what about all those times I feel older than most people my age?

Summary: A tour de force across different ageing stages by means of sound and music. With afros, dubstep, and bubble gum!

von Gisela Elisa Heredia & tanz.coop
noch am Sa. 03.03., Mi. 07.03., Do 08.03. und Fr. 09.03.

Idee, Konzept und Choreografie: Gisela Elisa Heredia
Tanz und Choreografische Mitarbeit: Christina Zauner, Martina Varga, Sarah Merler, Sophie Mac Gregor, Yusimi Moya Rodriguez.
Choreografische Assistenz: Denise Nguyen
Hospitanz: Andrea Vezga Acevedo
Dramaturgische Beratung: Josef Maria Krasanovksy
Produktion: ROCONCEPT/Roma Janus
Musik: tanz.coop
Foto: © Christian Ariel Heredia

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