Google Cultural Institut has 4m+ images online for free

I can spend the rest of my life exploring this site„, Russian New Media theorist Lev Manovich expressed his excitement via his Facebook page (In case you’re interested in New Media and Digital arts/humanities: Yes, this is a Facebook-Follow recommendation).

Google Cultural Institut

Google Cultural Institute basically is an incredibly huge collection of images. Cultural institutions all over the world share their collections, artworks, photos and other pictures with the public via the digital platform Google has been working on since 2011. It also provides open access to well curated historic narratives and specific sites. There is the possibility to create your own galleries with your Google account by draw-and-dropping images from featured or other users‘ galleries to yours. Among the featured galleries (f.ex. „Black History and Culture“ or „Women in Culture„) is one that specially caught my eye.


Digital Humanities. A first impression

The ivory tower’s 21st century innovation lab is awesome! Humanities in the digital era move focus from text to design.

What is „Digital Humanities“? One might think, Digital Humanities is what we do every day: googling critical views on humanistic subjects, reading digital versions of printed books we can’t afford or have no / are to lazy to have physical access to. Plus, we communicate with fellow scholars via digital mail services. But why did they give my digital tooling around such an impressive term as „digital humanities“?

Because it doesn’t simply mean to use your computer while doing research.