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Der Publikums- und Theaterverein

„Neues Wiener Theater – Verein zur Förderung und Demokratisierung der Wiener Theaterlandschaft“ ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein, der nach fairen Arbeitsweisen am und gleichgestelltem Zugang zum Theater sucht. Im Zentrum unserer Arbeit steht die Kritik am Theater, seinen Stücken, seiner Rolle in der Gesellschaft sowie in unserer Kultur und an seinen Arbeitsweisen.

Kritik ist eine Kunstform, ist Annäherung. Kritik ist kein Gerichtsurteil, aber Sprachhandeln. Kritik muss man üben. Kritik kann Selbstbewusstsein und Gleichstellung erzeugen. Sie sagt mehr über die Person aus, die kritisiert, als über den Gegenstand der Kritik. Neue Wiener_innen üben Kritik, weil sie Theater kennenlernen wollen.

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The Blog

CALLISTI1010 is a personal blog about Vienna’s rich theater scene. After two seasons of working as a theater blogger and cultural entrepreneur (weird word), I decided to found NEUE WIENER, an agency for audience development and new theater work.

NEUE WIENER is currently in the making. We offer joint & curated theater visits to all Viennese theaters, exclusive artist talks with mostly young theater workers, Social Media coverage of Vienna’s theater life, workshops on theater topics & theater critique, consulting for theaters and other audience based cultural initiatives and networking for artists who are interested in working with theater workers.

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About me

And me? I’m Clara.

I started callisti1010 as a private theater critique blog because I love theater but always felt like I didn’t get it. I majored in cultural studies, my parents took me to the theater as a kid and I worked in theater. Still theater critics gave me the feeling, I didn’t „get it“. Then I wrote my master thesis in theater studies on Peter Handke’s plays and discovered that theater was not about knowing stuff but about asking questions, opening spaces in your mind as well as in society or in discourse – and about finding new thoughts.

Theater is knowledge production. Reflecting on theater is a practice of unlearning.

I believe that facing the specific aesthetics of live theater has the potential of bringing you closer to yourself. On here, I try to establish a new, more open form of theater criticism. I’d like to invite everyone to participate in this endeavor.

Other online theater critique recommendations are Nachtkritik and European Cultural News. For Berlin also Unruhe im Oberrang.


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